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We aim to provide high quality, reliable child care at an affordable cost, while implementing an innovative, creative curriculum. Through parent/child access during the work day, we will encourage families to bond and promote a successful work/life balance.

Vision & Philosophy

The child care facility will focus on child development and giving children a safe and trusting environment to grow and explore. This approach encourages self-reliance, emotional well-being and intellectual development. We believe in utilizing everything in the child’s surroundings to teach problem solving, exploration, innovation, logic and reasoning. Having indoor and outdoor classrooms will allow children to interact with their natural environment, and inspire curiosity and development.

Through our curriculum, we emphasize self-worth, capability, problem solving and school readiness. Our teachers work hard to help children develop the social and emotional skills needed to work and play cooperatively. Our goal is to help every child realize their greatest potential.


We encourage children to be self-directed in our safe and trusting environment. Before children can master formal academic skills in a meaningful way, they must have a solid understanding of the physical world. To build that understanding, children need to see, touch, smell, hear, taste, and experience the world by direct interactions and experiences..


These early childhood years are the cornerstone of your child’s foundation. We are honored to be a part of this journey.

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